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Emergency at Sea, What to Pack for Survival

Ever had a bad day on the water? Where the boat is sinking or swamped or run aground— broken down in some fashion—in good weather or bad? It’s a safe bet that every veteran boater has, sooner or later, run into a bad situation. Some are prepared and others not. If the boat is disabled, can you survive the night and better yet, not suffer.

Are You a Boating Expert? Take This Quiz & Find Out

Boating is meant to be fun! How often have you heard kayaks, canoes, sailboats, ski boats, fishing boats, and more called “pleasure craft?” Yet with the fun, comes responsibility. Your safety and enjoyment, as well as that of your passengers and those with whom you share the water, rely on some basic knowledge of laws and common courtesy. Are you a safe boater? Take this quiz to test your safe boating IQ and you might add some boating skills too!

Zona's Tip: Paddle Down With Power Pole in Rough Water (video)

We’ve all been there before, especially those who live in the “North Country”. The day has been booked off work for weeks, or the lake had been flat calm all day, but the wind kicks out 3-foot waves. It’s safe enough to go fishing, but there’s got to be a way to slow the drift of your boat down so that you just don’t sail over the fish!

Which Life Vest Should You Buy? Here are Ten Examples With Pros & Cons (video)

If you’re going to be on the water, you need a certified, wearable personal floatation device also known as a PFD or life vest. It’s required by law, and it’s only smart. However, the array life vests and life jackets from which you have to choose can be confusing even to a crusty old seafarer. This convenient guide shows you what various types of PFDs look like and how they work.

Don't Be a Statistic: Boat Safe with These Tips (video)

Did you know that historically, July has been by far the most dangerous month for boating accidents and fatalities? Last year was no different, with over 900 reported accidents during the month of July, primarily on the weekends, according to the United States Coast Guard 2013 Recreational Boating Statistics Report.