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50 Campfires Answers 6 Common Questions About Dressing for Cold Weather

November 17, 2017
While it seems like dressing in layers for cold weather is a simple process, each year people ask the same questions. Do I really lose more heat from my head? How exactly does wind chill affect me?…
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How Off-Season Deer Hunting with a Camera Can Help Next Hunting Season

February 23, 2016
If you enjoy deer hunting like I do, wildlife photography can be a way of extending the deer season all-year long. I guarantee that taking a good still photo or quality video of a deer is just as…
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Don't Hibernate - Get Out & Enjoy the Winter Season

February 9, 2016
Don’t hibernate when the weatherman talks about the wind chill index; get outdoors and enjoy the winter season.  Read: Cold Weather Tent Camping Tips Read: What You Need to Know to Prepare for Cold…
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7 Christmas Gift Guides for Every Outdoor Enthusiast on Your List

November 26, 2014
Are you building a wish list or shopping for someone who didn’t provide one?  We have the perfect solution! Find Christmas gift ideas in guides specific to hunters, anglers, target shooters, campers…
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Bass Pro Shops Christmas Gift Guide for Outdoor Kids

November 20, 2014
Selecting the right Christmas gift for children is always a challenge. You want to give them what they want, but also gifts they’ll enjoy, appreciate, grow with — even learn from — for a long time to…
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Bass Pro Shops Christmas Gift Guide for Women Who Enjoy the Outdoors

November 20, 2014
There are so many great Christmas gift ideas for women at Bass Pro Shops that it’s hard to decide what your mom, wife, sister, daughter or friend will love best. So, we’ve made the job easier for you…
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Bass Pro Shops Christmas Gift Guide for Outdoor Adventure and Family Fun

November 20, 2014
On Christmas morning, you can tell the outdoor adventurers in the group.  While they are sitting next to you opening gifts and observing the traditions, they likely have a far away look in their eyes…
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This Video Shows How to Protect Loss of Valuable, Personal Items From a Fire

September 20, 2014
RedHead Pro Hunting Team captain Jerry Martin shares his personal experience and tests the RedHead 1856 Collection Fire-Resistant Gun Safe The heat from the fire was unbearable.  The sound—a…
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5 Essential Items for Every Daypack

August 22, 2014
  Ascend D2400 DaypackAscend D2400 Daypack   Day hiking for most folks is a much needed, quick getaway from life's demands. An easy walk along a paved trail at a metro park or a 3- or 4-mile trek up…
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6 Tips for Choosing the Proper Hiking Boot

July 28, 2014
For my outdoor activities I’ve got to have five different types of footwear with 75 percent of the wearing time going to my hiking boots. When I think of hiking boots, I’m thinkig boots I'm going to…
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Everything You Need to Know About Headlamps Before You Buy

July 25, 2014
Headlamps are basically flashlights that provide the convenience of hands-free operation. Strapped on the head or clipped on a hat brim, they are excellent to use when performing tasks such as…
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Sunglasses Review: Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses

April 28, 2014
I bought my first pair of Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ polarized sunglasses six years ago. They have excellent optics and clarity. Here are some observations after wearing them in a range of environments,…