How Off-Season Deer Hunting with a Camera Can Help Next Hunting Season

News & Tips: How Off-Season Deer Hunting with a Camera Can Help Next Hunting Season...

If you enjoy deer hunting like I do, wildlife photography can be a way of extending the deer season all-year long.

I guarantee that taking a good still photo or quality video of a deer is just as challenging as actually shooting them. You’ll also get to practice a lot of the same tactics you use during the regular season.

What I like about off-season hunting with a camera is that I learn deer patterns and routines for next hunting season. Of course feeding and bedding patterns change with seasons and food supply, but spring and summer routines are often quite similar to those during the rut.

You can get by with inexpensive equipment and a minimum of gadgets, or you can spend a fortune if you want. Remember that spending a lot of money on equipment does not make you a good photographer any more than buying an expensive rifle will make you a better shot.

Photography can be an exciting way to extend the hunting season, and it will certainly make you a better hunter.

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By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio