11 Pieces of Hunting Gear You’re Probably Forgetting to De-Scent

News & Tips: 11 Pieces of Hunting Gear You’re Probably Forgetting to De-Scent...

Most hunters understand the importance of scent control and how to practice it when it comes to your body and hunting clothes. However, many hunters overlook their various pieces of hunting gear, many of which they’ve had for years and are loaded with offensive human scent. These items need to be washed, if possible, and/or de-scented too. Here’s a list of some pieces of equipment I’ll bet you never considered.

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Don't tromp through the woods with your gear stinking to high heaven. Spray down your equipment with scent elimination as well as your hunting clothes before heading into the woods.

1. Boots – Spray down your hunting boots, even rubber ones, before heading into the woods, particularly the bottoms and the laces, which tend to hold scent the most. Nothing makes more contact with the woods than your boots.

2. Gloves – You should wear hunting gloves to keep from touching your surroundings with bare hands, but this doesn’t help if your gloves stink. Wash them regularly and spray them down before and after putting them on.

3. Hat – Imagine how much sweat has accumulated inside your hat or hunting head gear. When was the last time you washed it?

4. Facemask – We emit a startling amount of human scent through our breath, and most of that gets caught in our face mask.

5. Pack – Not only does a waist pack or backpack get handled a lot, but it can also accumulate sweat. Pay special attention to the straps and other parts that make contact with your body.

6. Bow Release/Shooting Gloves/Finger Tabs – Whether you shoot with a bow release or just your fingers, these items, particularly the wrist strap on your release, can accumulate a lot of human odor. If you can’t detach the strap to wash it, spray it down thoroughly.

7. Armguard – This is overlooked by most bow hunters but it’s something that you would likely use for many years without cleaning.

8. Bow Wrist Sling – This is another item that can get very sweaty when hunting in mild weather.

9. Quiver – Many archery quivers are made of fabric or other material that can hold human scent for a long time.

10. Gun/Bow Case – Some jurisdictions require your gun or bow to be in a case outside of legal shooting hours, meaning that you will need to carry a case with you in the field if you get in early and stay late. Treat your gun case or bow case as an item of clothing when it comes to scent control.

11. Gun or Crossbow Sling – Especially a gun sling or crossbow sling made of fabric can be a sponge for sweat and stink.

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