What to Plant for the Best Fall Food Plots and Deer Nutrition

October 14, 2019
Planting fall food plots doesn’t just entice bucks by offering them succulent forage. It also draws in does, offering the double attraction of food and females. But what plants will offer the most…

Will Deer Eat This? How to Identify Native Plants

October 13, 2019
When creating better deer hunting habitat we all wonder...will deer eat this? In this video, 3 experts show us how to identify native plants. Then Grant explains the ones that deer love to eat. If…

How Prescribed Fire Improves Whitetail Habitat (video)

April 9, 2019
We use prescribed fire to improve native vegetation at The Proving Grounds. The reclamation process began for this 50 acre unit over 10 years ago to convert it from low quality cedars to better…

Hunting Challenges: Bucks, Coyotes, and Trespassers (video)

January 4, 2019
Late season hunting tactics: see the strategies we're using for this stage of the season (0:01- 11:04), then it’s to the trap line where we’ve caught our first coyote of the season (11:05 - 13:07).…

Bow Hunting Frogs and Food Plot Update and What it Means for Deer (video)

July 24, 2018
It's one of Grant's favorite things to do In July: bow hunting frogs! Plus, a look at our food plots and what it means for deer hunting this fall. Join the conversation with other hunters and land…

Impact of Ticks on White-Tailed Deer and New Food Plot Tips (video)

July 9, 2018
How bad are the ticks on white-tailed deer?  We've conducted three field tests to find out. Watch to see the tests and the results! Plus, sharing the steps to creating a new wildlife food plot along…

Tips for Deer Management, Shooting Accurately & Food Plots (video)

June 6, 2018
Deer management means balancing the population with the food resources. Bow hunting is the method we use to help that balance.  Grant shares how he practices now for the best form/release for bow…

Deer Management: Fired Up For Better Deer Habitat (video)

April 16, 2015
The team at GrowingDeerTV shows why prescribed fire is worth the effort for better whitetail habitat. Watch this episode as they checkout areas burned late last summer for a growing season fire. Plus…

Spring Deer Management: Making & Maintaining Food Plots (video)

April 10, 2015
The team at GrowingDeerTV shares the importance of keeping minerals out year round (begins :58) and how they are making a small food plot in an area that proved to be a hunting hot spot this past…

Winter Food Plot Combinations That Work for Whitetails (video)

March 5, 2015
Just as important as feeding deer is taking care of the soil. Dr. Grant Woods, Wildlife Biologist The food plot experts at show the best winter food plots that will feed deer in a…

4 Ways to Help Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

April 22, 2014
Creating a flower or vegetable garden is a popular pastime for many people. While you enjoy watching your hard work grow, it is important to keep in mind your garden may also be a mouth-watering…

After Antlers? Tips for Shed Hunting Time

March 12, 2014
Some consider the pursuit as an Easter Egg hunt for hunters and as a great cure for cabin fever; whatever your reason for heading outdoors to hunt shed antlers, it's always a good time. Finding a big…