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Trail Camera Tips with Mark Peterson (video)

4 Things to Always Remember When Scouting With Trail Cameras

1. Camera Direction

Trail cameras can be very sensitive to sunlight making the camera direction key. Always try and avoid placing the camera in a location that will get direct sunlight. if you have to place the camera in the direction of the sun you may risk false triggers, sun flare on your images, and completely blown out photos.

Hunter's harvest - The 5 Processing Tools You Need

Cabela's Ambassador Jim Shockey clues you in to the one thing he's never without on a hunt.

Taking an animal from the field to the freezer is a big task, but one that’s easily doable for the DIY hunter willing to take on a challenge. All it takes is a little knowledge and the right gear for the task. Here are five things every sportsman should have on hand when breaking down everything from big game to
wild birds.

Essential Gear for a Whitetail Rifle Hunt

There are some pieces of gear that you just cannot hunt without. The author walks through his favorite gear and explains why he considers them essentials for a whitetail rifle hunt.

By Mat Brost

From Knife, to Binoculars, to Rifle – Whitetail Rifle Hunt Essentials

I break my whitetail-hunting gear into two categories:

1. Essential gear that I cannot leave in the pickup.

How To Field Dress A Deer

Use our step-by-step guide to simplify field dressing

Most people who go hunting are thinking, “I can’t wait to get my hands on my deer,” not “I can’t wait to gut my deer.” While field dressing is rarely the favorite aspect of a successful hunting trip, it’s one of the most important parts. Properly field dressing game allows the meat to cool quickly and stops bacteria growth. Whether it’s your first time field dressing or you’re a veteran at it, you should keep these things in mind to ensure your kill cools quickly, is clean and stays fresh.

Top 7 Hunting Apps

As an avid hunter, chances are you enjoy the remoteness and quiet of the wild on your hunting trips. Even though you might look forward to your trips to disconnect from technology, you should consider bringing your smartphone and trying some of these best hunting apps to get an added advantage on your next hunt. 

Preseason Archery Practice

Preseason practice improves your chances of a successful hunt

By Wade Middleton

I’ve seen it time and time again: that moment of truth when a buck or a doe walks into bow range and the hunter totally forgets his or her shot routine. It’s either a total miss or worse, a wounded deer. The reality of that moment, in my opinion, is the hunter didn’t get enough practice.

I feel if you prepared properly through practice, then muscle memory, as it relates to how you shoot, takes over and everything goes smoothly.

Tips on Springtime Shed Hunting

By Tom Nelson

The still frozen ground crunched beneath my feet as I walked yet another heavily used deer trail beat down with hoofed tracks. The early March weather was typical for Michigan with the mercury hoovering in the low 40’s and overcast. The cedar swamp I was traversing with its heavy canopy, insulated the ground, keeping most everything, frozen solid given the temperature. For my wife and I, it was perfect conditions for shed hunting.