Top 7 Hunting Apps

Buck standing in the woods

As an avid hunter, chances are you enjoy the remoteness and quiet of the wild on your hunting trips. Even though you might look forward to your trips to disconnect from technology, you should consider bringing your smartphone and trying some of these best hunting apps to get an added advantage on your next hunt. 

onX Hunt App

on X HuntUsed by millions of U.S. hunters, onX Hunt is the perfect app to keep you from getting lost out in the field. With accurate and trusted map data, your smartphone will function like a GPS. With onX Hunt, you'll have access to private/public land ownership maps, roads, trails, U.S. topographic maps, and more.

Special Features: Offline GPS access, location tracking, and free trial for a week-long Premium State Membership.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users. In-app purchases available from $9.99 to $99.99.

ScoutLook Hunting App: Weather Mapping & Property Lines

ScoutLook appKeeping track of hunting locations and finding the weather forecast for remote places is difficult. ScoutLook Hunting App is a map-based app that allows hunters to save their locations and access global weather forecasts for remote locations all over the United States. Maps are quick to load and include satellite, topographic and street view. Access your saved locations without an internet connection to revisit your favorite locations including tree stands, blinds, trail cameras, etc.

Special Features: Save unlimited hunting locations in addition to trails, parking areas, campsites, food plots, rubs, scrapes, scat, shed antlers, blood trails and more. Access forecast details including temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, barometric pressure, wind activity, sunrise and sunset times, moon phase and a radar map overlay. Their newest feature allows you to save ideal wind conditions for specific hunting locations to precisely plan your hunt with your scent in mind.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users. Update to the ad-free version for $9.99/year or add the Property Lines too for $5.99/month.

HuntStand App: Hunting Maps, GPS Tools & Weather App

huntstand appHuntStand will revolutionize the way you hunt by giving you access to invaluable weather forecasting, tracking, and social features with maps that allow editing to include 67 custom icons like scouting marks, property boundaries, roads, trails, and so much more.

The app utilizes innovative HuntZone technology that provides wind forecasting specific to your desired hunting area and tracks your scent throughout the hunt so you're well prepared.

Special Features: Share maps with friends, join group hunting areas and view personal advanced statistics from harvest and sighting logs.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users. In-app purchases available from $5.99 to $11.99 per item.

Powderhook App

Powderhook appGoogle has answers, but it might not have everything you're looking for when it comes to hunting. With Powderhook, ask hunting experts your questions and get back insightful and experienced answers. Join the conversation and Powderhook guarantees to help you have a great day outdoors.

Special Features: Maps for public land in all 50 states, videos curated for users, and outdoor events for hunters.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users.


Huntwise AppSeeking a community of hunters you can talk shop with? With Huntwise, you can share hunting photos, stories, and experiences while gaining tips and advice from other hunters nation-wide. The app also provides detailed weather forecasts and maps built specifically for hunters.

Special Features: Private land ownership boundaries on maps, read reviews and shop hunting gear, and custom waypoints.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users. In-app purchases available from $0.99 to $49.99.


Sunrise Sunset AppPlan your hunting trip down to the exact time of first light to avoid breaking the law and shooting before legal shooting light starts. With no GPS access or internet required, it's the perfect tool to make sure you don't waste a single moment of daylight when you're out in the field.

Special Features: Sunrise and sunset times, first and last light times (dawn and twilight), a countdown for the amount of daylight left, dates of the equinox and solstice, etc.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users. In-app-purchases available starting at $2.00.

Survival Guide App

survival guide appWith a survival guide app based completely on the U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76, you can rest assured you will be prepared for any emergency on your next hunting trip. Covered topics include psychology of survival, basic survival medicine, water and food procurement, survival use of plants and poisonous plants, signaling techniques, etc.

Whether you use the app to brush up on survival skills or better prepare yourselves in case of emergencies, Survival Guide is the essential outdoor companion.

Special Features: No internet connection is needed to access texts and illustrations.