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Tasty Smoked & Grilled Crappie Fish Boat Taco Recipe

May 14, 2020
One of the most popular species of fish to go after during the spring and early summer is slab crappie. Traeger BBQ Wood Pellets If you're not familiar with slab crappie, crappie have different…
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A Guide to Campfire Cooking Basics (video)

April 24, 2020
In this how-to guide, the theme is on the basics of camp cooking and the equipment and supplies you will need to make great meals over the campfire as a family. How You Can Have the Perfect Camp…
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Rabbit Hunting 101

February 27, 2019
There's no doubt about it: chasing rabbits is fantastic sport. Hunting cottontails may lack the sudden explosiveness of quail hunting or the mesmerism of a green-timber mallard hunt at dawn, but it…
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Add Delicious Smoke Flavor to Your Camp Cooking (video)

April 27, 2018
Part of what makes food cooked outdoors so especially delicious is the “smoke flavor” it takes on from cooking over a wood or charcoal fire. But to really absorb smoke, usually takes time – much…
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Great Big Guide to Punkin Stuffin Recipe

October 24, 2017
You’ve heard of the tur-duc-ken? The Punkin’ Stuffin’ ups this outdoor holiday cooking tradition to an entirely new level! Why just go with four layers in a tur-duc-ken recipe when you can have EIGHT…
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How to Care and Season Cast Iron Cookware (video)

August 31, 2017
If you’re a serious camper – short of somebody who carries camp on his or her own back – chances are you probably look at a cast iron skillet and Dutch oven as core to your camping gear. Cast iron is…
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8 Easy Tips to Smoking Meat Like a Pro

November 12, 2014
Don’t let all the fuel options and soaking liquids scare you away from smoking meats, veggies and cheese. Keep a few simple guidelines in mind as you mix and match woods and soaking liquids for that…
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Tips and Recipes for Grilling Fish

August 3, 2014
Grilling is an ideal way to sear in juices and capture the distinctive flavor of each type of fish, including freshwater species such as catfish, salmon, trout, walleye and crappie, and saltwater…
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A Simple Guide to Frying Fresh Fish at Camp

June 5, 2014
Road trips into the wilds of field and stream are favorites of outdoorsmen. And everyone must provide sustenance for themselves. Packing along a few tools of the trade can make turning the catch into…
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Great Grilling Accessories Every Outdoor Cook Should Own

June 3, 2014
There's nothing like a meal prepared outdoors. Unfortunately, we can't always have a shore lunch or a campfire-cooked meal but for me, my backyard grill satisfies my needs for outdoor cuisine. Many…
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Fun-to-Cook: 4 Easy Foods for Camp Chefs

May 20, 2014
Food never tastes better than when cooked outdoors. And nothing quite highlights a fun campout like favored foods prepared using special outdoor cooking methods.         Modern camp cooking can be…
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How to Cook and Can Fish

March 2, 2014
Most recreational fisherman take trips out to their favorite waters, not to just to chase the big one, but rather to catch fish that they can bring home for dinner. Deep frying, baking and barbecuing…