3 Rigging Ideas to Get Your Kayak Fishing Ready (video)

News & Tips: 3 Rigging Ideas to Get Your Kayak Fishing Ready  (video)...

Many anglers start storing their kayaks for the winter around the first of December and don’t break them out again until March. Instead of shelving your kayak for four months, now is the time to do some rigging. Here are three ideas of what you can add to make your kayak fishing experience better when the water warms again.

anchor trolly kit2
Angle your kayak in any direction with the Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit. 

1. Add an Anchor Trolley

A customer top rated kayak anchor trolley can help keep you anchored in the wind and even position the kayak facing the direction you want to fish. Anchor trolleys are pretty affordable and will make fishing in the wind much easier. Only a few screws are needed for install and are usually included in an anchor trolley kit. For extra staying power on a pinpoint location, add an anchor trolley on both sides of the kayak.

1 arrow pointExtra Tip:For the best results, use anchor line three times the length of the depth you are fishing in. 10ft of water needs 30ft of line.


kaykak scrupper
Kayak Scupper Mount

2. Install a Fish Finder

This can be the most difficult of the installs but can be made easier with a YouTube video and the right parts.

The first part you’ll need is a scupper mount for your transducer. You can find a well rated Lowrance Transducer Kayak Scrupper Mount at Bass Pro Shops - here. 

That will take care of getting your transducer in the water. You’ll also need a power source. For most five inch screens and smaller, a 12V 7.5 Amp battery will work. You can usually find these in the hunting section listed as a deer feeder battery. Make sure you select the 12 volt version. The RedHead Rechargeable Batteries are a good choice. You can find them at Bass Pro.

ram mount
This RAM Mount fits a Piranha Max fish finder.

The fish finder screen needs to be mounted so that you can reach it when sitting in the seat. Most people utilize the tracks already built into the kayak but with a ball mount you can put it just about anywhere. I prefer the adjustability of the RAM mounts. The one inch ball will work for screens five inches and smaller. Go up to the one and a half inch ball for larger screens. Each RAM Mount has a custom fit to the back of the fish finder screen so make sure you order the correct one.

It really helps to see someone install this setup so please take a few minutes to watch the video below of Greg Sterley use many of these parts to do an install.



paddle clip
Kayak Folding Paddle Clip

3. Add a Paddle Keeper

Most people don’t think about a paddle keeper until a wave or some wind take their paddle away from them. Sitting your paddle across your lap is common but it can be in the way and difficult to work around if you are fighting a fish. A paddle keeper is a simple install that eases that burden. Something as simple as a $7 paddle clip can make your time on the water much more enjoyable and help you avoid having to swim for your lost paddle.

1 arrow pointExtra Tip: Add a paddle leash for extra security