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6 Key Items for Rigging Your Fishing Kayak

May 10, 2020
by Josh Workman, Cabela’s Pro Staff and Kayak Fishing Expert Marine Electronics Work Great for Kayak Fishing Sonar and GPS units are not just for traditional fishing boats. With new models…
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Important Factors to Selecting Your Fishing Kayak

June 5, 2019
By Josh Workman, Cabela’s Pro Staff and Kayak Fishing Expert There are a lot of questions you should be asking yourself while selecting a kayak. What waters will you fish? Will you be taking…
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Begin Kayaking With These 7 Must-Have Kayak Gear Essentials

April 2, 2019
Key Paddling Gear You'll Need to Go Kayaking Of course you need a kayak and a paddle. Your first few outings should probably be in a rented kayak. Perhaps you'll even decide to take lessons - formal…
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Anchor Trolley System for Kayaking - Do I Need One?

April 20, 2017
Why would I need a kayak anchor trolley? I hear that question quite a bit. Many people are confused on exactly what an anchor trolley does and how it can benefit them when fishing. For the record, an…
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Three Safety Tools You Should Have When Kayak Fishing (video)

April 19, 2017
When thinking about kayaking, fishing and kayak fishing accessories, some of the things that many people overlook are safety accessories. Over the last decade I’ve come to rely on three safety tools…
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Best 10 Lakes in Texas for Kayak Fishing

February 22, 2017
One of the advantages of being a kayak fisherman is the ability to pick up and fish just about anywhere. I’ve fished from a kayak in almost every southern state but my favorite state to fish in is…
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3 Rigging Ideas to Get Your Kayak Fishing Ready (video)

November 29, 2016
Many anglers start storing their kayaks for the winter around the first of December and don’t break them out again until March. Instead of shelving your kayak for four months, now is the time to do…
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Three Places to do Fall River Fishing Out of a Kayak (video)

October 30, 2016
In the Southern United States river fishing has year long possibilities for bass fishing, especially out of a kayak. One of my favorite times is Fall. While many ways to catch river bass exist for…
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How to Pick the Right Kayak Paddle (video)

October 28, 2016
Your paddle is the engine to your kayak! Please choose wisely or we might end up seeing you taking a bath on your purchase as it withers away on Craigslist website. The paddle can really help your…
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3 Reasons You Need a Fish Finder for Your Kayak

September 26, 2016
Anglers who fish from kayaks often start doing so for simplicity but before long, the thoughts of installing a fish finder surface. While a fish finder may not be for every kayak angler, these three…
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Car Topping Your Kayak? Tips for Choosing the Right Equipment

May 17, 2016
We all know that kayaks are easy to transport--that's one of the big pluses. But transporting them safely and without damage takes the right equipment and the right preparation. Here are a few tips…
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Kayak Buying Guide

December 11, 2012
When shopping for a kayak, begin your search using the answers to these two very important questions: How do you intend to use your kayak, and how much money are you willing to spend? With this…