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Mono's Not Dead: Why Monofilament Fishing Line Still Catches Bass

A friend of mine has a theory: any time you see the word fat or calories in an advertisement for food, just substitute the word taste and you’ll know whether it’s any good. If the ad copy says “reduced calories,” you can assume it has “reduced taste,” too.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Fishing Tackle Untangled

Look down in your rod box and chances are you see . . . a mess.

Not only that, but the fishing rod you really need, RIGHT NOW, is the one on the bottom of the mess! How to avoid this headache? Here are a few tips, gleaned from years of tangles:

Snap Jigging vs Finesse Fishing - More Than One Way to Jig a Jig

Leadhead jigs are a mainstay of bass and walleye anglers, especially during the spring and fall, when the water is cold.  For river anglers like me, jigs becoming increasingly effective as fall progresses and smallmouth bass move into areas of reduced current, typically deeper pools and pockets out of the main force of the river’s current. 

Why You Need St. Croix’s Legend X — The Muscle Car of Fly Rods for Battling the Big Boys

Having had the chance to test St. Croix’s Legend X fly rod in a variety of venues during the past several months, I can say it’s one sleek fly rod.  If it had four wheels it would be a muscle car, yet one quite comfortable running down to the corner market to pick up the fixings for the day’s streamside fishing lunch.