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Best Fishing Tackle of 2015: 12 of the Hottest Lures Across the South

May 5, 2015
by NITRO Boats, as published in Volume 2, Issue 1 of NITRO Performance Fishing Boats Magazine From lunker largemouth to bull reds, here's a selection of out customers' favorite artificial fishing…
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10 Tips for Planning a Florida Snook Trip

January 9, 2015
Snook are Florida’s premiere inshore gamefish. There are tens of thousands thriving along the state’s west coast these days, but the species can be surprisingly difficult to catch for visiting…
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8 Tips for Wading the Saltwater Flats

December 9, 2014
Wading is, by far, the best way to approach spooky flats species such as redfish, bonefish, permit, and sometimes snook and trout. When the fish are in water that's barely ankle deep, stealth is…
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4 Great Tips for Atlantic Permit Fishing

December 3, 2014
There are many ways to pursue the elusive Atlantic permit.  Anglers will often tip the odds in their favor by casting a permit’s favorite food, live crab.  Others find that duping one into biting an…
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Cool Weather Snooking in Venice, Florida

November 19, 2014
The snook fishing on the west coast of Florida from Tampa south can be stupendous. One major key to finding lots of feeding linesiders is to follow their movements in response to weather and seasonal…
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4 Great Snook Lures and How to Fish Them With Success

July 22, 2014
They key to successful snook fishing is to remember that snook are sight feeding ambush predators that use cover for predation. In addition, snook are more active at night and low light conditions in…
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Travel Blog: Snook Fishing in Keewaydin Island, Florida

June 10, 2014
It's about time more marine anglers headed for Florida become familiar with this marvelous barrier island on Florida's southwest coast. Keewaydin (pronounced Key-Way-Din) lies south of Naples and…
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Ft. Myers Snook Fishing Rebounds

March 20, 2014
Snook are one of the premier saltwater game fish of southwest Florida. Unfortunately, a "cold kill" occurred in 2010. Snook cannot survive water temperatures under 60 degrees and an especially cold…
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Travel Blog: Fishing Around Anna Maria Island, Florida

December 10, 2013
Fishing is one of those things in life where you can do your best planning, but in the end must defer to King Weather. And the recent trip my friend Alan Williams and I made to Anna Maria Island to…
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Key Factors to Sight Fishing Snook From the Beach

October 28, 2013
Snook (centropomus undecimalus) are generally found along the structure of inshore brackish ecologies. Because of its temperature tolerance range and tropical/Central/South American origins, "USA…
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Fly Fishing for Snook

October 18, 2013
Fishermen have long been dazzled by the incredible beauty of the slender silver, black and yellow bodies of snook. Their sporting qualities have been argued by the best anglers on earth, thus their…
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Bridge Fishing for Snook

August 7, 2013
Anglers new to snook fishing should realize that the "linesider" is a tropical species, more often found in the mangrove estuaries of central and northern South America. Over thousands of years,…