Fly Fishing

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Fish the Finest Brook Trout Streams at Shenandoah Park

August 27, 2018
Since it was created in 1936, Shenandoah National Park has been a prime destination for sportsmen seeking to backpack, camp, photograph, and explore a piece of unblemished mountain wilderness. But…
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Many Factors Make Fly Fishing for Panfish Appealing

June 28, 2018
When summer swings in, many anglers feel there’s no more rewarding fish to go after than the humble bluegill. And if you add the aesthetic pleasures of fly fishing, the sport becomes even more…
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Fishing Cold Weather Trout—Best Flies, Waters & Times to Go

February 15, 2017
Few of us would choose winter as a favorite season for trout fishing with its bleak gray landscape and raw air that penetrates cold-weary bones like a knife. But if the alternative is no fishing at…
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Catch Inshore Fish With One of These Inshore Fly Rods

May 17, 2016
There are many easier ways to catch inshore fish like sea trout, reds, snook and stripers, but there are no more satisfying ways than fishing with a flyrod. The challenge of making the perfect cast,…
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Fish Simple: Use the Three Best Flies for Spring Trout

April 22, 2016
If you’re a devoted trout fly fisherman, you’ll probably carry a vest chock full of flies when you hit the streams this spring. But sometimes that just complicates matters and makes choosing the best…
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How to Set Up Your First Fly Fishing Outfit

March 15, 2016
Interest in fly fishing has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade and rightfully so. It is a fun filled, enjoyable and relatively easy sport to learn, which an individual can enjoy for most of…
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Fly Fishing & Project Healing Waters Featured on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio

July 16, 2015
If you are a fan of fly fishing, be sure to tune in! This week's Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World radio show with host Rob Keck, Bass Pro Shops' director of conservation will focus on fly fishing with…
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Fly Fishing Line & Fly Rod Every Beginner Needs

May 15, 2015
Learning to fly fish is no harder than any other kind of fishing if you start with the proper equipment. Fly lines range from 1 weight to a 12 weight. The larger the line number, the larger the line…
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4 Reasons Spinners Out-Fish Flies for Winter Trout

February 23, 2015
Here in northwestern Pennsylvania it’s the time of year when you take advantage of whatever outdoor opportunities present themselves.  If something is in season and the weather decides to cooperate,…
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Protect Your Fly Gear: The Case for Cases

January 19, 2015
When it comes to gear, most fly anglers have no shortage of items on their wish lists. If you’re anything like me, fine fly rods and reels reside somewhere near the top.  The first three on my list…
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How to Select the Perfect Scissors for Fly Tying

January 6, 2015
With many different types of scissors available to the avid fly tier, trying to pick out a quality pair is not as easy as it might sound. Different sizes, styles and lengths can all effect how…
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Think Thread Doesn’t Matter When Tying Flies? Learn How to Pick the Right Thread for the Job

December 10, 2014
Many fly tiers won’t skimp when it comes to purchasing fly tying materials such as hackles or dubbing for fly tying but never pay any thought to the thread they’ll be using.  Other than the hook, fly…