Fly Fishing Line & Fly Rod Every Beginner Needs

News & Tips: Fly Fishing Line & Fly Rod Every Beginner Needs...

Learning to fly fish is no harder than any other kind of fishing if you start with the proper equipment.

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Fly lines range from 1 weight to a 12 weight. The larger the line number, the larger the line size and the larger the fly you can cast with it.

Level lines are the same diameter throughout their length, and are fine for casting short distances but not delicate presentations.

Double-taper lines taper at both ends, allow a more delicate presentation, and are best for short to medium cast. Weight-forward lines have larger diameters the first 30 feet. They cast well at all distances and cast larger, more wind-resistant flies better.

For most situations, an 8½' or 9' fly rod with a single action fly reel is best. If you fish small streams, go to a 7½' or 8'. Line weights your rod will handle will be marked on the shaft.

Buy the best rod you can afford, and it will result in less frustration and more fun in learning how to fly fish

By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio