Elk Hunting

elk bugling in open terrain

Elk Tips for Beginners with Fred Eichler

September 1, 2023
Fred Eichler provides tips on elk hunting to help beginners increase their chances of being in the 15% of hunters coming back from a successful elk hunt. Video Transcription Hi, I'm Fred…
Wild game on an open grill

Hunter's Harvest - 7 Key Tips for Grilling Game

February 15, 2023
Let Cabela's Pro Staffer Tiffany Haugen give you the breakdown on being a lean grilling expert. Here are a few guidelines to follow when grilling lean game meats such as elk, deer, antelope and…
Chile-Stuffed Elk Roulades

Chile-Stuffed Elk Roulades Recipe

February 15, 2023
Fresh green chiles and a little mesquite smoke add a Southwestern touch to an otherwise classic recipe of rolled venison steaks. Elk meat never tasted so good! Stuffed Elk Steak Ingredients: 2 elk…
Elk slider sandwich

Ground Elk & Cheese Slider Recipe

February 15, 2023
Our outdoor chefs David Draper and Ben Fleischacker give us some ideas for how to incorporate wild game into your party celebrations. The mild flavor of ground elk and the tanginess of French onion…
Venison, potatoes & egg dish

A Hearty Venision Breakfast Dish Recipe

February 15, 2023
A sportsman's breakfast. Wake up to this lean, mean, hearty venison breakfast dish at camp or at home. Great for deer, elk, or moose meat marinaded for taste and tenderness. Prep Time: 20 minutes (8…
Stuffed Venison Backstrap

Stuffed Pesto & Cheese Venison Backstrap Recipe

February 15, 2023
Here is a tasty meat for any occasion, a stuffed venison backstrap. Use deer or elk meat and marinade for a delicious flavor and tenderness. Use what Cabela's uses to spice up all of your favorite…
Grinding venision meat

Three Tips for Better Ground Venison

June 15, 2020
Ground venison can be eaten in a virtually limitless number of ways - from burgers to tacos to spaghetti to meat loaf, or in one of a million types of sausage. While backstraps and tenderloins get…
Venison rib roast, potatoes, carrots

Simple & Delicious Venison Rib Roast

May 1, 2020
Roast is a fairly broad term when it comes to cuts of meat. There is pot roast, which is usually a tougher cut of meat cooked using a braise, or with a bit a liquid in a low temperature oven or slow…
News & Tips: The Hunter's Guide to Social Media

The Hunter's Guide to Social Media

December 20, 2018
There are few moments more rewarding to the big game hunter: you’ve finally taken that trophy buck or bull and a little bragging to your buddies is in order. Long gone, however, are the days of the…
News & Tips: Elk Restoration Featured on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio...

Elk Restoration Featured on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio

August 16, 2018
  Kyle Weaver, CEO of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Host Rob Keck has two distinctive guests for this week’s Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio show. With early archery elk seasons opening in…
News & Tips: How to Choose the Taxidermy Mount You’ll be Happy With for Years to Come...

How to Choose the Taxidermy Mount You’ll be Happy With for Years to Come

October 19, 2017
The hard work and anticipation of that special hunt finally paid off with you taking the trophy of your dreams. No matter if the trophy happens to be the record book whitetail you’ve hunted for all…
News & Tips: Elk Crock Pot Recipe: Cheeseburger Mac'n'Cheese (video)...

Elk Crock Pot Recipe: Cheeseburger Mac'n'Cheese (video)

March 2, 2017
This particular version is using ground elk meat. But it could be prepared with almost any type of ground meat or wild game like: venison, turkey, pheasant or whatever you would like. Not only is it…