Big Game

Planning Your 1st Western Big Game Hunt? Consider These Tips First

If the urge to hunt the Rocky Mountains, the craggy badlands, or the sweeping prairies has risen inside you to a point where you can’t contain it, it’s time to get moving and plan your first western big game hunt. Here’s how to go about it.

8 Tips for Spot and Stalk Antelope Hunting

Ready to spice up your bowhunting with an antelope spot and stalk hunt? Then be ready to boost your skills up a notch by preparing months in advance for perhaps one of the most challenging, exciting and frustrating hunts you'll likely encounter.  

Looking for a Unique Hunting Adventure? Try Reindeer in Alaska

Are you a hunter who's just about done it all? Are you looking for possibly the most unique hunting adventure in North America? Hunting reindeer in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska might be just the ticket.

The Animals

4 Places to Hunt Big Moose on a Small Budget

Alaska and the Yukon are home to the largest moose on the planet: the Alaska-Yukon subspecies. But these hunts aren't cheap, running in the range of $14,000-$18,000. However, there are other places to hunt big moose for a lot less. While they may not be quite as big as the Alaska-Yukons, any moose is a huge animal, with big bulls still sporting impressive headgear. Here are some of the top choices for big moose on a budget.

You Didn’t Draw That Tag You Wanted – Now What?

I got some bad news last week. For the second year in a row I failed to draw a mule deer tag for western Wyoming. With two preference points to my credit, the odds were statistically in my favor, but the lottery gods didn't smile upon me. I was very disappointed, as I really thought this was the year I'd finally be able to go on the hunt that I've been planning, with a paid deposit in the outfitter's hands, for 3 years now. After a suitable period of mourning, I sat down to consider my options.

Booked Your Caribou Hunt? Now Make Sure You Have This Gear


Caribou inhabit some of the most deceptively rugged country in North America. From a distance, the tundra looks flat and featureless, but as soon as you set foot on it you quickly realize that there is hardly a flat spot on it. Every step is rough and uneven and will challenge you.