David Lee

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11 years 9 months

Home: Keego Harbor, Michigan
(wife) Lisa, (son) Tyler
Hunting, Fishing, trail camera scouting
Bow, shotgun, rifle


Hunting Stuff


Years Hunting: 30 years
Favorite Technique:
Trail cameras and scents
Hunting Strength:
Favorite Game to Hunt: Deer, Great lakes Muskie,
Walleye , Great Lakes Salmon , Bass
Favorite Hunting Gear:
Favorite Places to Hunt: I'll travel anywhere to hunt
Favorite Season to Hunt: Late season
Favorite Time to Hunt: Rut
Favorite Way to Hunt: Whatever it takes


Career Highlights

Biggest Kill: 183'  typical whitetail

Largest Musky: 54 1/2'', forty three pounds

Greatest Hunting Achievement:
Watching my son take his first deer
Favorite Hunting Moment:
Every time I leave for a new hunting adventure