Fishing From a Kayak

Kayak Fishing

This year, why not discover a fun and peaceful sport that requires a fairly low investment and gives you the ability to fish in shallower areas where other boats can't go?

Kayak fishing gives you less storage space, and having to paddle can present some challenges, but gliding silently across the water into places where no one else can fish is well worth it.

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If you don't have experience kayaking, you'll need to get the hang of balancing and paddling first. Take your kayak out a couple times just to get the basics down before attempting to bring your fishing gear. Keep all your gear secured to your kayak using straps and dry bags. Always wear a PFD when on the water.

paddle imageYou may want to buy a cheap paddle to save some money, but you’ll probably regret it. More expensive paddles are lighter and stronger. Also, if you're new to paddling a kayak or canoe, here is a link to information about five different basic paddle strokes.

Kayak fishing, like all types of fishing, requires time and patience—but once you have tried it, you many never go fishing any other way again.

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By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio