Game Camera: 3 Set Ups for Outdoor Photography

News & Tips: Game Camera: 3 Set Ups for Outdoor Photography...

Game cameras are not just for hunting. Many outdoor photographers know the great quality they offer and use them to capture shots they normally wouldn’t be able to.

 trail cam 300
Trail cameras are becoming more common for outdoor addicts to covertly record nature.

To use your game camera for photography, find a place that is well used by wildlife yet secluded so animals don’t feel pressured and pass slowly in front of the camera.

A water hole is a great place to place a camera. A drinking animal is usually pretty still
and will be there long enough to give you many shots. A mineral or salt lick is another

If you want to get pictures of a specific species, place your game camera over bait. The choice of bait would depend on the animal you’re after.

You can have a lot of fun using game cameras for wildlife photography. You can even use them as security cameras around your home or cabin.

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