Outdoor Photography

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A Different Angle on Outdoor Photography

June 29, 2015
When we think of outdoor photography—especially in the context of hunting and fishing—it’s often the bruiser buck, strutting tom, or splashing largemouth that steals the focus. I can clearly remember…
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8 Tips to Photograph the Vivid Colors of Fall

September 22, 2014
As the north winds begin to push south with Vs of Canadian geese, we are given a yearly opportunity to photograph vivid colors rarely seen in nature. Red and gold mix with the lingering green of…
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5 Tips on Photographing the Common Loon

June 27, 2014
Wildlife photography is a passion of mine, and although it is hard to narrow down a favorite subject to capture on film, the common loon certainly holds a special place in my heart. With their…
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Game Camera: 3 Set Ups for Outdoor Photography

June 27, 2014
Game cameras are not just for hunting. Many outdoor photographers know the great quality they offer and use them to capture shots they normally wouldn’t be able to.   Trail cameras are becoming more…
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Use the Rule of Thirds for Great Story-Telling Photos in the Outdoors

June 6, 2014
Sitting around the fireplace this past winter, the family and I were reviewing photos taken during the previous camping season. Shots of campfires and camp setups, wildlife exploring the campground,…
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Game Cameras are Not Just for Hunters

March 14, 2014
I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors. I fish, hike, paddle and scout. And, although I don't hunt with a gun, I do so with a camera — capturing wildlife in its most natural setting. Although…
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The Rut: In the Eyes of a Photographer

November 22, 2013
The late fall is my favorite time to get outside with the camera. Being a wildlife photographer, the whitetail rut holds a special place in my heart. To see big bucks vigorously chase does, mark…
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Photography: A Valuable Tool for Outdoor Sportsmanship & Stewardship (video)

April 3, 2013
Most hunters, fishermen and other outdoorsmen will agree that while gear isn’t everything, it’s certainly important to have the right tools -- the right ammo, the right bow, the right lure, the right…