Game Cameras

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4 Tips to Remember When Setting Up Game Cameras

July 18, 2014
Now that you purchased a game camera, how do you best use it? Well, it depends on the game you are scouting. Trail cameras can be used year around to keep a watchful eye on that buck of a lifetime.…
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Game Camera: 3 Set Ups for Outdoor Photography

June 27, 2014
Game cameras are not just for hunting. Many outdoor photographers know the great quality they offer and use them to capture shots they normally wouldn’t be able to.   Trail cameras are becoming more…
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The Scouting Camera Advantage

October 10, 2013
The last five years have seen an absolute explosion in trail camera popularity and for good reason. They are not only cool and fun to use but when used correctly, they can dramatically increase your…
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Here’s the Easy Way to Pick the Perfect Game Camera

May 15, 2013
Today's game cameras feature so many innovations that buying one can seem overwhelming. Which camera should you go with? Which features are necessary and which are not? This guide will run through…