Planning a Weeklong Camping Vacation

News & Tips: Planning a Weeklong Camping Vacation

PlanningACampingVacation blogMany families and individuals are still doing the weeklong vacation, but instead of spending scarce vacation dollars on a condo or cabin, small RVs and tents of various shapes are becoming the lodging of choice when considering the more affordable option, weeklong vacation.

Planning a weeklong camping vacation demands different planning techniques from packing to choosing a destination. Adjusting the pre, during and post to-do lists is needed. Needs that are easily met on weekend camping trips will become more challenging when traversing the country. Planning well in advance allows more time to ponder on what needs to make the trip and what is left home. Food items may be purchased near or at the vacation destination, while the essential camping gear is packed from the start.

The destination can remain the same as before, such as beaches or other popular attractions. Researching the destination should involve contacting other campers who has experienced the pros and cons of the place. Simply calling campgrounds located in the targeted destination, will reveal most answers to most questions.

A well thought out packing plan is the key to efficient traveling. Most campers have tried and true packing systems that work on weekends, but may fall short for a weeklong voyage. Using plastic totes is a method hard to beat. Laying each piece of gear out in the driveway and test loading in several episodes will expose what packing order works best and most efficient on the road and at the campground. A messy camp is not a comfy one, and being able to quickly and neatly store gear in the tent or vehicle so you may leave camp for a sightseeing tour is appreciated on return to camp.

Spending more than a weekend camping is nothing new, but the affordability of camping over the traditional weeklong vacation will likely become more popular in a stressed economy. You may actually come to prefer a weeklong camping trip over a week of hotel hopping. It also may leave a couple bucks leftover for a couple souvenirs to add to the vacation destination trinket collection back home.