Hunting Dogs

5 Ideas to Help Your Dog & You With a Remote Training Collar (video)

Forty years ago, remote training dog collars were called shock collars, and rightly so. The first collars had one level of stimulation, and it was high.

The next generation of dog training collars had three levels, with the lowest of those still very high. Jump forward to the last ten years, and the invention has evolved into a remote training e-collar, most with at least 20 different levels of stimulation.

3 Ways to Develop Safety and Trust with Your Hunting Dog

When you watch a hunting dog go about that which it was born and bred to do, it’s not hard to imagine the canine is covering 10, 20, or even 30 times as much ground as its two-legged hunting partner. A huge part of the advantage of hunting with a dog is its ability and willingness to go places the human hunter can’t, or at least doesn’t want to, go.

America's Hunting Dogs by the Numbers (infographic)

It’s not news to bird hunters, waterfowlers, bear and mountain lion hunters, coon hunters, or rabbit hunters — but our hunting dogs are a huge part of the reason we love hunting. Time afield just wouldn’t be the same without the enthusiasm and athleticism of our canine companions.

Hunting Dog Training: First Steps for Turning Your Puppy into a Hunting Partner

Puppies face a world of fun, excitement, intimidation and growth in the first few months of their lives.  Teaching your pup to avoid bad habits while instilling obedience basics will ensure your new hunting partner realizes his full potential.

Socialization: Play with your Pup

5 Ways to Prepare Your Retriever for Frigid Weather

Retrievers are amazing animals. They crash through icy marshes and cornfield snowdrifts without a single complaint.  They’ll take everything Mother Nature has to throw at them and still return with their tails wagging.  Due to their cheerful demeanor, we often forget that our four-legged hunting partners aren’t always well-suited for frigid temperatures. Hunting dog owners can help their best friend withstand the elements with a few simple procedures.