Hunting Dogs

Are You Feeding Your Gun Dog Digestible Protein or Chicken Feet?

You’ve invested hundreds of hours on dog training to perfect its performance. However, for your hunting dog to perform at its highest level, you need to feed it a high-caliber, high-nutrition diet. Look for the following.

5 Ways to Keep Your Hunting Dog Safe & Happy in the Field & On the Water

Though hunting dogs and water dogs are naturally built to thrive out in the field and on the water, a few creature comforts can help to keep them happier and safer in these environments.

Preventing Gun Shyness in Dogs

A band of tight flying blue-winged teal buzzed down the far shore of the small lake. I whispered to my hunting buddy to get ready. Our pair of Labrador retrievers trembled with excitement.

Just as I had predicted, the teal flew to the west end of the lake, turned and headed up the north shore straight for our set of three dozen decoys.

Preseason Retriever Conditioning Tips

It's up to you to get your retriever into shape

By Gary Koehler

A year ago, on opening day of the waterfowl season in Illinois, my ego was bruised when my pride-and-joy retriever became the focal point of a verbal jab. What followed provided a wake-up call.