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Mercury Fishing Pro Josh Bertrand is Moving Up

Josh Bertrand has to be one of the most amiable dudes on the Bassmaster Elite Series. Always willing to do an interview, chat, listen and laugh. Just a downright fun fella. However, that's not all there is to this third-year Mercury pro. Nope. There are some fishing skills there, too.

Top Three Bass Fishing Tactics with Keith Combs

Strike King pro Keith Combs loves to fish deep water for largemouth bass. This is especially true during the summer months. The three-time Toyota Texas Bass Classic champ and Bassmaster Elite Series pro decided to take a few minutes to share his Top 3 tactics for dredging largies from the depths.

Deep cranking.

Ott DeFoe's Fishing Style Includes Underwater Eyes

NITRO/Mercury pro Ott DeFoe has made a name for himself by consistently finishing in the money over the years. However, it's tough to categorize DeFoe's fishing style. Is he a power fisherman? Finesse man? Deep-water angler? Well, like every successful pro on the Bassmaster Elite Series, DeFoe is adept at almost every technique known today.

Time on The Water is Key For Hite's Bassmaster Success

Mercury pro Brett Hite is certainly one of the top pros fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series. His first year on the Elites brought Hite a victory in addition to qualifying to fish the prestigious Bassmaster Classic. This year hasn't been as productive, but it's not been too bad.

Driven To Succeed With Edwin Evers

When followers of pro bass fishing hear the name Edwin Evers, they think many things like, Nitro pro, runs a Mercury, wins a lot, always smiling. Well, all of those thoughts are accurate. Evers is a Nitro/Mercury pro. Evers does smile a lot at the events. Oh yeah, he wins, a lot for a pro angler. In fact, Evers just finished off his 9th career Bassmaster victory at BASSfest on Kentucky Lake.

Professional Bass Fishing: Here Comes Brent Ehrler

Most fans looking at the world of professional bass fishing think of a handful of anglers as dominant and scary to the other competitors. Names like Kevin VanDam or Aaron Martens or perhaps Tommy Biffle, just because he's got that scary kick your *** vibe.