Driven To Succeed With Edwin Evers

Edwin Evers at BASSfest 2015 by Edwin Evers at BASSfest 2015...

When followers of pro bass fishing hear the name Edwin Evers, they think many things like, Nitro pro, runs a Mercury, wins a lot, always smiling. Well, all of those thoughts are accurate. Evers is a Nitro/Mercury pro. Evers does smile a lot at the events. Oh yeah, he wins, a lot for a pro angler. In fact, Evers just finished off his 9th career Bassmaster victory at BASSfest on Kentucky Lake.

This successful Megabass pro seems to always be in the mix. Almost every season, Evers is in the Top 20 on Angler of the Year (AOY) points and  qualifies for the prestigious Bassmaster Classic (Evers received an automatic berth by winning BASSfest this year). What keeps Evers focused and grounded to stay at the top of the sport? His drive.

"I have a true drive to succeed," said Evers. "I'm not competing to achieve mediocrity, I'm here to win, to succeed. I'm never satisfied unless I've achieved the goals I've set for myself.
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"I believe some of that comes from my athletic background in high school and college. You learn perseverance and mental and physical discipline. As an angler, you get out and work on your tackle even if it's pouring rain on you. You have to do what is necessary to succeed."

A victory at BASSfest relieved some stress for Evers.

"The pressure is off right now," said Evers. "Winning BASSfest automatically qualified me for the Bassmaster Classic. I'm ninth in AOY points. I can now focus on trying to get to the top of the points, maybe take a dicey chance if the opportunity is there to win.

"This is a great position to be in. I can be much more relaxed while fishing the Elites."

Evers is not defined by the AOY or Bassmaster Classic.

"I truly want to win the Bassmaster Classic and the AOY title," said Evers. "Clearly, everybody fishing in the Elites wants that. Not winning either of them to this point doesn't define me. I've made a great career for myself. Raised my family. It has been worth all of the focus and effort.

"I want to make sure I am a positive influence on everybody I meet. I want to be a good role model for kids. Someone who is positive. That is who I am."

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