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Morel Mushroom Hunting Tips

The words turkey hunting and morel mushrooms go together just like peanut butter and jelly. For years turkey hunters have headed to the woods during the spring in chase of gobbling longbeards. If someone were to hide and watch a hunter walk through the woods, they would first assume that they were observing every step they took to make sure they were walking properly. In reality, they are scanning the ground for Mother Nature's treasure, the morel mushroom.

42 Fun Things You Need In Camo … But Didn’t Know Existed

You’ve heard the old saying “…the clothes make the man … or woman”? Well, for many hunting and fishing types, it’s the CAMO that makes the man … or woman! Most people may not even realize these 42 items come in camouflage, but it you’re truly hooked on the camo lifestyle, you laugh at those people.  Now fess up; how many of these items do you already own?