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Hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiast have always had the need to keep their knives sharp. A sharp knife makes field dressing, skinning, and filleting chores faster as well as surviving the forces of nature and, ultimately, safer.

Bear. Click to shop knives & toolsThere is such a wide range of knife sharpeners and sharpening systems available to sportsmen today — from the simplest hones for touch ups in the field to powered grinders that sharpen every knife and tool in your house and workshop. Bass Pro Shops offers sharpening systems in every category and, we've gathered a lot of information to give you a look at the best products to suit every hunting and fishing need … and then some.

We've also included a short video on the pros & cons of seven knife sharpening systems.

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Video Pros & Cons of 7 Knife Sharpening Systems


1 arrow pointSee larger view of the review results of knife sharpening tools. Which knife sharpener  works best for your needs?

A list of pros and cons on various types of knife sharpeners