Camping Equipment

Camp Sleeping Pad Buyer's Guide

No camper sets out expecting a plush experience. Well, none that have been camping before. Camping isn’t meant to be plush, and those who covet the outdoor experience don’t expect otherwise. Still, there’s no reason to suffer unnecessarily when you don’t have to. A sleeping pad is one of the items that will make an evening’s rest more comfortable. Pads serve to cushion the hard surface and insulate the sleeper from cold ground.


Camping Cot Buyer's Guide

In the camping world, the best option for upgrading a night’s sleep is to add a cot to your selection of sleeping gear. If you’re camping near your vehicle, a cot should be high on your priority list. In my opinion, it should be No. 1. With some of the compact, lightweight models, it doesn’t matter how far you are from your vehicle. They’re really not that bad to strap onto a pack. Think about it. You’re going to spend a short time carrying a cot and at least eight hours sleeping on it!

The Best Must-Have Camping Gear List for Summer

Camping season is here! Are you and your family ready?

Here's a good starting point from our camping experts to ensure you have all the gear you need to enjoy a great camping experience. They also sprinkled in family camping gear tips, a camping check list, camping destination tips and ideas, camp recipes, plus links to some unique and unusual parks and campgrounds. 

Best Camping Water Filters Worthy of Consideration

While the casual car camper may consider a portable water filtration system a nice-to-have accessory, anyone who steps off the beaten path should consider it a wise-to-have outdoor essential. Today, finding a right-sized system is easy, and buying a quality system is relatively inexpensive.

Bass Pro Shops Christmas Gift Guide for Outdoor Kids

Selecting the right Christmas gift for children is always a challenge. You want to give them what they want, but also gifts they’ll enjoy, appreciate, grow with — even learn from — for a long time to come. Any gift that encourages a child to spend more time outdoors and foster a lifelong appreciation for the outdoor lifestyle meets all those criteria.

Bass Pro Shops Christmas Gift Guide for Women Who Enjoy the Outdoors

There are so many great Christmas gift ideas for women at Bass Pro Shops that it’s hard to decide what your mom, wife, sister, daughter or friend will love best. So, we’ve made the job easier for you by narrowing thousands of ideas down to our favorite 14.

Bass Pro Shops Christmas Gift Guide for Outdoor Adventure and Family Fun

On Christmas morning, you can tell the outdoor adventurers in the group.  While they are sitting next to you opening gifts and observing the traditions, they likely have a far away look in their eyes.  Some part of them is on a mountaintop where the trees are decorated with snow instead of tinsel and the day’s feast would be prepared over an open fire.  Here are some gift ideas to fuel the pursuits and passions of the outdoor adventurer in your life.

12 Camping Gear Items Designed to Make Your Fall Trips Even More Amazing

Those planning to go camping this fall have a host of exciting products to check out.

1. Bass Pro Shops First Aid Kits – The entire line has been revamped with the help of industry leader Adventure Medical Kits. With six different styles to choose from, there’s something for every situation from a stroll in the woods to a full-blown expedition.