Boat Maintenance

Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Boat From Top to Bottom

A fishing boat covets a great deal of pride and joy for its owner. Not only does it hold the greatest investment in this sport we enjoy, but it also becomes our "floating office" each time we step in and push away from the dock. 

Quiz: How Much do You Know About Boat Maintenance? Test Your Boat I.Q. Here!

There are several factors to consider when you own a boat, and one of them is making sure the boat, motor and other mechanical parts are ready to go when you are. Take the quiz below to test your boat maintenance knowledge.

Boat Winterizing Tips

For boaters and fishermen in northern states, it’s sad but true. Summer has slipped from our grasp and the cool winds of fall will soon turn into the first snow of winter. While there may still be time for a few more forays on the water, soon it will be time to stop thinking about winterizing your boat and start doing it.

Prepare Your Boat to Catch Fish All Winter Long

Whether it’s going to be 7 or 70, if you’re headed to the lake on a winter day you better have undertaken proper preparation. The following is a short list of steps that you can take so that you can be good to go when the right day comes along.

10 Boating Essentials Under $25

Having a great day on the water is one of the joys of summer. While you can’t control some things, like weather and boat traffic, you can keep your vessel in top shape while carrying the right boating supplies and gear. Here are ten handy boat accessories to have aboard, and each costs under $25 unless your super-size and that could coast more.

A Guide to Getting Your Boat & Trailer Ready for Summer (video)

A couple hours dedicated to insure both boat and trailer are ready for the water is a wise investment in time, one likely to pay dividends in hassle-free boating and fishing throughout the season. Here are important steps to getting your boat prepped and ready for the summer.

Ethanol-blended Gasoline and Your Outboard Engine

The ethanol-blended fuel E-10 refers to fuel that contains 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline — a common blend now found at the pumps when purchasing regular grade fuel.

Introduced to provide increased air quality benefits when used in conjunction with automobiles, precautions need to be taken when fuelling your boat marine motor with ethanol-blended gasoline. Some dangers may exist.