whitetail deer hunting

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Hunter's harvest - The 5 Processing Tools You Need

June 10, 2020
Cabela's Ambassador Jim Shockey clues you in to the one thing he's never without on a hunt. Taking an animal from the field to the freezer is a big task, but one that’s easily doable for the DIY…
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Savage 110 High Country Gear Review

February 19, 2020
A factory rifle that can be customized to fit any shooter By Mat Brost The Hype Around Savage's AccuFit System A job in the hunting industry allows me to be one of the first to hear about new…
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Oklahoma Deer Habitat: New Plan for Even Bigger Deer!

February 11, 2020
Grant assisted Martin Smith during 2014 with a habitat plan to meet his and his sons hunting objectives. They implemented the plan and tagged a lot of bucks. Now they are ready for a plan to produce…
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We're Back on the Hunt for a Hit List Buck (video)

November 20, 2019
Deer hunting! We're back on the hunt for the hit list buck we call Slingshot! Plus, watch to the end to see a strategy that worked for tagging a doe...and keeping the buck in the field after arrowing…
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Defeat a Buck's Nose by Becoming a Scent Control Freak

July 30, 2018
Tagging a mature whitetail buck is the cumulation of hard work, perseverance, and a bit of luck. So why is it that what seems like a lifetime achievement for some hunters, is almost a yearly ritual…
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Ask an Unlikely Expert to Locate Big Bucks

October 28, 2015
If a big buck is what you’re after, remember that they tend to shy away from popular, well-defined trails and the attention they bring. Instead, look for natural routes to hunt deer like funnels and…
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3 Things Great Deer Hunters Do

July 29, 2015
Increase Your Odds for Bagging a Deer ... Start Planning Your Hunt Now! 1. While you’re sitting at home in the air conditioning, great deer hunters are out in the heat locating deer they plan to hunt…
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Bow Hunting: Fine Tuning The Gear (video)

July 28, 2015
Bowhunting Whitetails means making sure your gear is on target! The GrowingDeer.tv team tests arrows to see which weight they will use: lighter and faster or heavy with more punch power. Watch to see…
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Bow Hunting For 2 Long Years To Kill Her First Buck! (video)

February 9, 2015
  Lindsey is bowhunting in late season in Arkansas. She got her very first buck with a bow -  a 10 pointer! Lindsey has been bowhunting deer for 2 years! In this hunt she gets her first buck! Then…
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Hunting Whitetails & Trapping Coyotes: How To Make A Flat Set (video)

January 30, 2015
GrowingDeer.tv team makes a flat set for trapping coyote. Deer hunting with 6 year old Trace and he shoots his first deer!  Then more bow hunting action for Seth as he lays eyes on a late season…
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Bow Hunting: No Hesitation, Take The Shot (video)

January 22, 2015
The constant presence of coyotes can raise stress levels on the deer. Late season bow hunts bring deer hunting action for Adam as he gets a doe broadside in a food plot and then a chance for the old…
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Predator Trapping & The Bell Ringer Buck, Kansas Rifle Season 2014 (video)

January 8, 2015
GrowingDeer.tv team uses Duke Cage traps and dog-proof traps for trapping small nest predators. Deer Hunting the Kansas Rifle Season on the last day. Aaron thinks it will be tag soup for him --…