Hunting: These Are the 3 Best Times to Call Coyotes

One of the most frequently asked questions amongst predator hunters is that of when is the best time to hunt coyotes. They want to know what time of the year is best to call coyotes, and they also want to know if calling coyotes is better in the summer, fall, or winter.

Hunters! Are Coyotes Not Responding? Maybe it's Your Set Up

The popularity of calling in wildlife predators in the last few years, specifically coyotes is fast becoming one of the top hunting categories. Calling coyotes is an exciting, adrenaline rush experience that many hunters are eager to try. They can call in coyotes, not only for the the excitement, but also to reap the benefits of helping to reduce coyote populations which in turn helps manage the hunting land for the deer, turkey and bird populations. 

Contest Style Hunting Can Be Beneficial to the Everyday Coyote Hunter

There is a completely different style of calling predators which is referred to as “contest style” hunting. This is a fast paced style that requires the hunter to have the mindset during the hunt of getting as much done in the shortest amount of time as is possible. This style of calling was created by hunters competing in calling contests, yet it can also be beneficial to the everyday coyote hunter when performed properly.

3 Advantages to Hunt Coyotes in Early Fall

As the leaves begin changing into their beautiful fall colors and the temperatures begin cooling more with each passing day, the desire to venture outdoors and hunt becomes a priority to a lot of hunters. Although most of these hunters are in pursuit of whitetail deer or a mature fall gobbler, the early fall is also a great time to predator hunt.

Predator Hunt: How to Bring Your Target Coyote Closer With a Decoy (video)

This past September while hunting coyotes near my hometown in southern Missouri, I positioned myself next to a large oak tree overlooking a cow pasture. The weather conditions were unfavorable because of unseasonably warm temperatures. There was an intense struggle to see a mere 50 yards due to heavy fog.

5 Tips for the Beginning Predator Hunter

One of my favorite things to do is to help instruct someone that is new to the hunting scene. Over the past few years, I have had the privilege to teach through seminars, talk with hunters, and to write multiple articles filled with tips for the beginning predator hunter. Throughout this time, I have realized that many hunters have the aked a few common questions.

How to Hunt Coyotes During Mating Season (podcast)

Even though I hunt coyotes pretty much year round, if someone were to ask me to only pick one time of the year to hunt, it would be January/February. This is due to the fact that coyotes are much more active during these months in Missouri, because of breeding. I recently asked two expert predator hunters to share some of their tips of when and how they successfully hunt this time of year.

Our Best Predator Control Video Ever! We're Hunting and Trapping Coyotes (video)

Deer hunters are deer managers! At,managing whitetails also means managing the predator populations. This video kicks off with a "spot on" coyote hunt, then a bow hunt that highlights the need for balancing the predator population, followed by tips for more effective predator trapping.

Is There a Perfect Firearm for Predator Hunting? Find Out

Have you ever been in a situation while predator hunting and you feel as though you do not have the right firearm? Maybe a coyote was too far, maybe the wind was blowing too strong, or maybe a coyote was too close for a high powered rifle.

5 Tips on Coyote Vocals & Hunting in the Early Season

Last October a good friend of mine invited me to hunt with him on his family farm in southern Missouri. They had witnessed several coyotes in their hayfield and were concerned for their livestock. My hunting buddy knew my passion for hunting and my experience using different coyote vocals to lure them in. I've listed a few tips in this article that have helped me be more successful in harvesting coyotes and will perhaps help you increase your success at hunting coyotes too.