Ask an Unlikely Expert to Locate Big Bucks

News & Tips: Ask an Unlikely Expert to Locate Big Bucks...

If a big buck is what you’re after, remember that they tend to shy away from popular, well-defined trails and the attention they bring. Instead, look for natural routes to hunt deer like funnels and breaks in the topography where a wise old buck can come and go with ease.

During the rut, a big buck is more apt to use his nose than his eyes to find does. If you are hunting deer in fields, you are more likely to find him circling to the downwind side and testing the air for potential lovers rather than walking to the edge and taking a peek.

1 arrow pointOne of the best ways to find big bucks is to talk to telephone linemen, road maintenance workers, rural mail carriers, UPS drivers, farmers, and school bus drivers. These people are out on the move every day and are likely to know where the bucks in the area like to hang out.

By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio