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Best Places to Fish in Texas: Lake Fork Reservoir

March 27, 2020
Lake Fork is regarded as one of the premier largemouth bass fisheries in the state of Texas and for the entire country. Created in 1980 by the Sabine River Authority, the lake provides ample cover…
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Best Places to Fish in Texas: Lake Conroe

July 26, 2019
Strategy and Fishing Tips for Locating and Catching Fish in Lake Conroe Lake Conroe was created in 1973 by impounding the West Fork of the San Jacinto River. Originally created as a water supply,…
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Bring on the Pre-Spawn!

March 10, 2014
Well, it’s March, and the lakes around you should be warming up, unless you are in the far North (you guys keep watching fishing shows for another 30-45 days … lol). Here in the South, the fishing is…
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Bow Hunting Whitetails South Texas Style!

February 5, 2014
  Bow hunting deer on a South Texas lease. Grant and Adam are invited to bow hunt on a South Texas lease. It's a unique experience hunting in the South Texas brush country!  Several shooter bucks…
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Texas Whitetails

December 3, 2013
After nearly 30 years of dreaming about it, I finally got to experience my first Texas deer hunt recently, and it did not disappoint. It was everything I'd imagined and then some. If you too are…
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Redfish Experience at Redfish Lodge in Rockport, Texas

September 29, 2013
Traveling to South Texas to fish in the famed waters around Rockport often involves hot and windy conditions. Schools of hungry redfish abound, are their cousin the black drum is making a prolific…
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Hunting Exotics in the States

July 16, 2013
North American hunters are blessed with a tremendous variety and abundance of native big game animals to pursue. From deer to sheep to bears, there are enough choices to keep us busy for a lifetime.…
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Wade Fishing Saltwater

July 8, 2013
When it comes to fishing, wading is the ultimate contact with nature. Shuffling along through the water, you get a feel for the elements — current, bottom consistency, water temperature — along with…
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3 Topwater Baits for Early-Summer Fishing

May 15, 2013
It’s May, and just about every fishery in the United States is in summer pattern now. Up north, you might be in late post-spawn, and down south your summertime bite is getting good. No matter where…
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How to Hunt a Late Spring and Henned-up Turkeys

May 6, 2013
There is no doubt about it that the six more weeks of winter since Groundhog Day has stretched even further into the spring. As I write this morning from Houston, Texas, the temperature is hovering…
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Texas Bighorn Sheep

March 28, 2013
Steven addresses concerns about Texas bighorn sheep in light of exotic and invasive species introductions within the bighorn’s native range. • Bighorn sheep are what biologists call an “indicator…
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Float Fishing the Guadalupe River

March 9, 2013
Drive past the Guadalupe River west of New Braunfels in the Hill Country of Texas on a sunny summer day and it looks like you could walk across the tubes and rafts paving the river. But after a few…