Partners in Conservation: Bass Pro Shops & National Wild Turkey Federation

A match made in conservation heaven. Bass Pro Shops and the National Wild Turkey Federation have influenced wildlife conservation and our hunting heritage like no other over the past four decades. Thanks to Bass Pro Shops founder and CEO John Morris, the NWTF's Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.

4 Proven Hunting Techniques to Get Close to Spring Gobblers

Getting as close to your targeted turkey as possible before making your first call is one of the most significant advantages that you can have when trying to call to a gobbler. When a hunter is able to get within a so-called ‘imaginary bubble,' it seems that magic is in the air, and the commitment of a tom coming to the call increases dramatically.

Test Your Fall Turkey Hunting Knowledge Quiz

Will You Have Wild Turkey on the Table for Thanksgiving?

Let’s test your fall turkey hunting knowledge with this quiz and see if you’re ready to put a wild turkey on the table like the Pilgrims and Indians did instead of that store-bought farm-raised Butterball.

3 Powerful Lessons Learned on My First Turkey Hunt

A three a.m. start to get here in the dark and a headlight handshake introduction. Sitting in the dewey stillness of the morning hunt, with a front pew view of the world as it wakes. Listening to the rise and swell of a rural orchestra, straining to hear a single note in the dazzling crescendo of sunrise - the gobble. It’s the waiting, and willing my heart to slow its race.

These are the Nine Top Spots for Spring Turkey Hunting

Deer hunters have made a science of pinpointing the very best location to up their odds for harvesting a mature buck. Turkey hunters can boost their success by copying this page from the whitetail hunter’s playbook.

To many sportsmen, spring turkey hunting means covering lots of ground and listening for gobblers sounding off. The more woods you hike through, the more likely you are to tag a tom.

How to Hunt Turkeys in Windy Conditions

After an unsuccessful morning turkey hunting, youth hunter Avery Miller and I, met up after lunch with high hopes for a better afternoon hunt. However, we were met with a strong 30 mph winds that were forecasted to stay until well after sunset. Since we were already on the 2nd day of a two day only youth hunt there wasn’t much time to come up with a plan B.

What's New in Turkey Hunting? These Nine Awesome Hunting Gear Items! (video)

At its foundation, spring turkey hunting isn’t a “high tech” pursuit. You do your scouting; you try to figure out the birds’ general patterns. You practice calling to get good enough to sound reasonably like a turkey. You shoot a few shells to learn the effective range with your gun, load, and skill. And once you’re finally in the woods, you wear the right clothes … and sit still … so the tom you’re after will come within your lethal range.

Turkey Hunting: Look at Those Spurs! | Improved Food Plot Techniques (video)

The GrowingDeer.tv Team is turkey Hunting quiet toms in the late season! Daniel and Clay turkey hunt using strategies to get those gobblers to respond! Turkey hunting tips and strategies shared throughout the hunt.  After the hunt, there's info on a new technique for food plots designed to improve soil fertility, moisture, and reduce herbicide use.

Turkey Hunting | Chasing Toms From Kentucky to Kansas (video)

We've got turkey Hunts with four (4) gobblers down! Feathers are flying! First up is young Griffin who shoots his first bird! (01:12 - 08:08) Then a successful Kansas bow hunt after difficult weather conditions for Heath Martin. (08:09 - 13:59) See the team of Brian Hill and Daniel Mallete work their decoy strategies to bring in the gobblers! (14:00 - 22:55) The episode wraps up with advice for Louisiana land owners on how to improve their hunting property. (22:56 - 28:32)