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5 Ideas to Help Your Dog & You With a Remote Training Collar (video)

May 8, 2020
Forty years ago, remote training dog collars were called shock collars, and rightly so. The first collars had one level of stimulation, and it was high. The next generation of dog training collars…
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10 Tips for Camping With Your Dog In Hot Weather (infographic)

July 22, 2016
Dogs love camping, too! But only if you take the right steps to make it a good experience for you and for them. Camping with dogs in summer weather can be uncomfortable, even dangerous for your…
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Hunting Dog Training: First Steps for Turning Your Puppy into a Hunting Partner

March 13, 2015
Puppies face a world of fun, excitement, intimidation and growth in the first few months of their lives.  Teaching your pup to avoid bad habits while instilling obedience basics will ensure your new…
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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe When Hunting and Traveling

August 1, 2014
  It's a sad yet true fact: many upland and waterfowl hunters meticulously pore over hunting gear in preparation for a hunt, only to load their hunting dog into a kennel in the back of a truck as a…
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Hypothermia in Dogs: Recognizing the Signs and Taking Action

February 4, 2014
As dogs that hunt waterfowl are in and out of the water frequently, sometimes in cold conditions, they’re often susceptible to hypothermia – low body temperature that can result in slowed-down…
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Hunting Tips: Rabbits Run in February

February 2, 2014
February is the time of year when small game hunting seasons are the sportsman's only focus — a time to join some rabbit-hunting friends in pursuit of cottontails. Beagles will chase the rabbits…
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Preventing Gun Shyness in Dogs

October 15, 2013
A band of tight flying blue-winged teal buzzed down the far shore of the small lake. I whispered to my hunting buddy to get ready. Our pair of Labrador retrievers trembled with excitement. Just as I…
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6 Tips for Successfully Locating Downed Birds

October 8, 2013
Every bird hunter dreams of the perfect day afield with crisp, cool fall mornings and antsy dogs anxious to wind that first bird of the new season. Picture perfect points, flushes, shots and…
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Wood Duck Wisdom

September 13, 2013
Wood duck hunting has a special place in my heart. The first bird I ever shot was a drake woody that catapulted out of the pickerel weeds just ahead of my canoe. The memory of that duck, rising…
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Florida Hog Hunting With Dogs

July 18, 2013
I love going to different parts of the country and seeing what they have to offer. As far as I've seen, every state has its own beauty. I like to meet the farmers and ranchers and see how they…
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How to Keep Your Hunting Dog Fit Through the Summer

May 27, 2013
During summer, your hunting dog will be less active than during fall and winter. There will be no quail to point, no squirrels or raccoons to tree, no rabbits or deer to chase, no ducks or doves to…
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Hounding Bunnies

December 14, 2012
At the roar of my single-barrel 12-gauge Stevens shotgun, an enormous cloud of dry October dust enveloped the cottontail rabbit bounding full speed across my Dad's cut soybean field. Rowdy, the…