Coyote Scouting Tips

News & Tips: Coyote Scouting Tips

Coyote HowlCoyotes, with their clever nature and wily behavior, have been grabbing a lot of headlines lately. Most notably, because lone coyotes as well as packs have been showing up in urban locations -- like outside Wrigley Field. This urban influx comes as a result of fewer natural predators and a thriving food supply, including pets. It’s no wonder, then, that coyote population control has been a hot topic, as well. And that’s where hunters come in.

But where do you find coyotes to hunt if you don’t live next to Wrigley? Here are a few tips for hunters seeking coyotes in rural areas:

Listen: When you begin your search for coyotes, start by simply listening. At dusk and/or dawn, take a drive around in your area, paying special attention to spots with plenty of cover, such as land with woods, hills and brush. Keep your radio off, with the windows down and your ears open. Stop on occasion and turn off your engine to listen more carefully. When you hear the call of coyotes, note your location in a logbook or on a map.

Seek Permission: For those hunters who would like to hunt on private land, seek permission from landowners in the area. Many landowners consider coyotes to be a nuisance and a danger — to livestock, to children and to pets -- and are happy to welcome hunters who will help remove the pests. They’ll probably even have some tips on where to find the coyotes on their acreage. 

Put in Some Legwork: If you’re scouting on public land or have received permission to hunt on private land, put in some legwork by searching for traces of coyotes, including droppings, tracks in the snow or mud, and evidence left behind from a kill.

Record: Keep careful notes of all your observations throughout the scouting period. They’ll come in handy when it’s time to hunt.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be on the right track to getting your successful coyote hunt rolling.

Happy hunting!