Hunters Help Feed the Hungry

News & Tips: Hunters Help Feed the Hungry

Feeding America LogoMore than 50 million people in the United States face hunger, according to data from But with the help of deer donation organizations, hunters are pitching in to fight hunger and help feed those tens of millions of Americans in need.

As meat is a relatively expensive type of food, it’s often in short supply in food banks. Donated deer meat can help fill this void: Each one that a hunter harvests and donates provides around 50 pounds of quality, healthful meat that’s high in protein and low in fat.

By pairing with a deer donation organization, hunters are able to give a portion or all of a harvested deer to food banks. Often, they need only to drop off the tagged and registered field-dressed deer to a participating butcher and fill out a donation form, and the rest is taken care of, with the meat ultimately winding up at a food pantry.

With many organizations throughout the nation, this includes subsidizing or completely covering the processing costs of the deer meat, keeping costs down for hunters and making more venison meat donations possible. 

Want to get involved? Contact Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, an outreach ministry and food donation organization with programs in 25 states, or a local deer donation organization of your choice. You can find these organizations in your area by entering “deer donation” into a search engine along with your state name, or by contacting your state’s Department of Natural Resources.

Happy hunting!