Hunting Knives: Which is Best Fixed or Folding

News & Tips: Hunting Knives: Which is Best Fixed or Folding...

If you’re busy, and just looking for a quick tip on what to look for in a hunting knife, then just read these next three points. If you’re an avid hunter planning on using yourknife on 3+ hunting trips per year, you’ll be wise to invest in a high quality fixed blade knife.


  1. If you plan on using your knife around the house and on the campsite, but only taking it hunting once this year, then you may get more use out of a multi-tool or a folding lock back knife.

  2. While you can get a knife that would make Crocodile Dundee blush, you’ll probably only need a 3-inch blade for most of your hunting needs.

Comparing Fixed Knives vs Folding Knives

types of hunting knivesFixed knives are going to typically be stronger and more durable. With the steel running from the blade into the handle in a single piece, you have no moving parts, and it will typically be thicker steel than you’ll find in a folding knife. Fixed knives are also easier to clean as fur, blood, mud and other debris won’t get lodged in a casing.

Folding knives, on the other hand, are typically going to be a little easier to store and carry. Since they collapse in, it won’t be as bulky as a fixed knife and folding knives can often be bought as part of a multi-tool so you can have an arsenal of tools at your disposal without adding much weight.

It’s a safety recommendation to always go with a lock back folding blade that snaps into position and stays there until a release is triggered.

Different Types of Hunting Knives

Clip point - These blades are thinner and get their name because it looks like a third of the blade has been clipped off where the tip of the knife is much thinner than the base. The thin point allows for quick spearing of the hide as there is less steel, and therefore less friction, at the point of insertion.

Drop point - Just like it sounds, the drop point blade curves down slightly from the base to the tip which adds strength to your cuts and is easier to control as it will be easier to see the entire blade keeping organs undamaged.

Skinning Knife - Thin blades with a curved tip that sweeps between the skin and the meat and avoids puncturing the animal hide.

The most important thing to remember when buying a hunting knife is to get one that feels comfortable in your hand. To best do this, stop in to a Bass Pro Shop and get your hands on a variety of grip materials, size and weight, as well as built-in features or accessories.