5 Cool Smartphone Apps for Hunters (video)

News & Tips: 5 Cool Smartphone Apps for Hunters (video)...

Smart PhonesHunting isn’t immune from the mobile technology revolution. 

Now, an array of new smartphone apps allow you to plan your hunting expedition, access hundreds of game calls and peruse and purchase the latest and greatest hunting gear.

Here are five of our favorite hunting apps on the market right now. 

(Be sure to check out all of Bass Pro Shops’ smartphone apps here.)

1. iHunt (Free)

A sleek and beautifully designed app, iHunt features 600 electronic hunting calls that you can play via your smartphone’s speaker, along with custom hunting playlists and solunar wildlife feeding times and weather forecasts. 

According to one user’s review in the iTunes store: “This app works amazing. I have used it for many hunts. My most recent was a turkey hunt and sure enough I called in a turkey.” 

2. Bass Pro Shops My Guide ($4.99)

This handy, indispensable GPS-based app is an all-in-one tool that allows you to do everything from planning your hunting expedition with the help of five-day weather forecasts to annotating a map (where your campsite is located and where you’ve yet to hunt, instance) to documenting your trophy kills. 

Run out of ammunition at the end of your hunt? You can even use the app to create a gear list. 


3. Bass Pro Shops Catalogue (Free)

Need to refresh your gear before hunting season commences? This Bass Pro catalog phone app allows you to gawk at— and purchase—virtually any gear you could wish for from Bass Pro’s Fall 2013 catalogue.  

4. iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times ($4.99)

This app features an easy-to-use, location-based guide and solunar tables to help you find the best hunting times across the globe. Many of the app’s users refuse to hunt or fish now without checking this powerful app first, according to iTunes App Store reviews. 

5. Deer Hunter Challenge (Free)

What it lacks in actual utility, it makes up for in sheer fun. Can’t make it out into the woods or field for a hunt? With Deer Hunter Challenge, you can hunt deer or even black bears from the comfort of your smartphone. A great app for the avid hunter who wants to simulate their favorite activity, Deer Hunter allows you to do just that, whether you want to use a .28 double barrel rifle or a tactical assault crossbow or bullpup assault rifle. 

What’s your favorite hunting app? Which ones did we miss?