Four Great Hunting Tunes

News & Tips: Four Great Hunting Tunes

hunters truck bedYou’ve donned your camo. The gun is cleaned and on the rack. You’re ready to hunt—almost. You forgot to make a hunting playlist. For those early morning drives on the way to your hunt —or even the drive home—it’s essential to have some tunes to get you in the mood. 

Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. Here are four great hunting songs to seed your playlist.

“Backwoods Boy”// Josh Turner

The beginning of this classic captures your day perfectly: “Woke up at 5 a.m., put on my camouflage/ Wiped off my .243 and fired up my Dodge/ Headed out to my old deer stand back in the pines/ Gonna get me a 10-point buck with 11-inch tines.” 

With optimistic lyrics like that, the song is sure to start your hunt off right. 

“Fred Bear”// Ted Nugent

With a driving, pulsing rhythm, this song will help you shed any remaining sleepiness you might have from rising early. Inspired by the famous bow hunter Fred Bear, Nugent’s tune pays homage to the late hunter who wrote for magazines such as Outdoor Life. The song also accurately captures the grand tradition of hunting, and its ability to bond its participants together: “We’re not alone when we’re in the great outdoors,” sings Nugent. “We got his spirit, we’ve got his soul.”

“Da Turdy Point Buck”// Bananas at Large

This light-hearted, quirky ballad tells the tale of a hunt for an elusive 30-point, 8-foot buck.  “He was created by God, just for outdoor magazines,” the singer wryly notes. There’s no better song to release the tension of an unsuccessful hunt. After all, never quite bagging that trophy deer is what keeps us coming back for more.

“Thank God I’m a Country Boy”// John Denver

An oldie but a goody, “Thank God I’m a Country Boy,” is a feel-good foot-stomper that celebrates the simplicity of living life off the land (The narrator recalls learning how to hunt as a young child, for example). At the end of a long day on the hunt, there are few songs that will leave you in a better mood than Denver’s “Country Boy.”


What are your favorite hunting songs? What did we miss?

Happy hunting!