Hunting Women of the Woods

News & Tips: Hunting Women of the Woods

She brings home the venison. You fry it up in a pan. That's just the way it is.

Women have become hunters at a higher rate than ever in the last decade, and a whirlwind of new products have been designed to meet their specific hunting needs. And most companies have realized that slapping a pink label on a man's compound bow just doesn't cut it. The Bear Archery Siren Compound bow is a great example—a quick. forgiving, and accurate bow with proportionally shorter draw weights and length.

women hunters
RedHead Pro Hunting Team members, Brenda Valentine and Tiffany Lakosky.

Hunting superstars like Brenda Valentine and Tiffany Lakosky have helped lead this revolution, and innovating entrepreneurs like Pam Zaitz—founder of SHE hunting apparel for women—have facilitated the surge of women into the woods.

Truth be told, women have been hunting throughout history—they always do what needs to be done to put food on the table. As RedHead Pro Hunting Team member Brenda Valentine puts it, "Many women are excellent providers. And there is no more satisfying way to take care of your family than actually getting out in the woods and filling the family freezer with wholesome venison. It is a lot more fun, and healthier than buying meat at the grocery store."

Though now she go online to and pick from scores of women's hunting clothing items like the RedHead for Her 1/4 -Zip Pullover, Brenda can testify to the challenge of finding hunting apparel and equipment suitable for women in the past. It went like this: head to the men's' hunting clothing department, and buy men's in smaller sizes. Workable, but the fit was just never right. This is where innovators like SHE Outdoor Apparel founder Pam Zaitz come in. Pam saw the demand for hunting clothing that was cut to fit women, and she made it happen: "Anyone hunts better—more efficiently and more comfortably—when their clothing fits properly. So I decided to provide women hunters highly functional, great-looking, and most importantly, cut-to-fit outdoor apparel. Instead of hunting in square, bulky, men's cut clothing, women could now focus on the actual hunt itself. Needless to say, we were quite successful."

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RedHead Camo Fleece Zip Pullover for Ladies Bear Archery Siren RTH Bow Primos Tiffany BBD Deer Call

And indeed, the world of women's hunting has evolved to the point where any woman can readily find bows built for them, shotguns with shorter lengths of pull, even deer and turkey calls designed to fit female hands, like the Primos® Tiffany BBD Deer Call. Hunting legend Tiffany Lakosky agrees: "There are so many great hunting products out there right now for lady hunters—there's no excuse not to get out there and drop a big buck this year. Hunting clothing companies have finally realized that you can't just downsize a man's jacket and market it to women. It needs to be built for her. Same thing with bows. It's really a great time in history for women to get outside and hunt!"