Christie is the Man at Dardanelle Elite

Jason Christie Wins Dardanelle Elite by Jason Christie Wins Dardanelle Elite...

Mercury pro Jason Christie wins Lake Dardanelle Bassmaster Elite Series event.

1Jason Christie shot to the top at the Lake Dardanelle Bassmaster Elite Series event to secure his fourth tour-level win in the last two seasons. With a limit weighing 19 pounds, 2 ounces his four-day total (72-3) was enough to sneak by Mercury pro Gerald Swindle (71-15) and pro Greg Hackney (71-11) cementing him as one of the best pro bass anglers on the planet.

Rounding out the Top 5 are Trokar pro Rick Clunn in fourth (70-15) and in fifth Strike King pro Keith Combs (68-3).

Christie emotional.

"This is a dream come true for me," said Christie. "To be able to be here fishing against these guys, it just means so much to me. It means the world to me. I watched Rick Clunn growing up. All I wanted to do when I was a kid was to catch a bass. Now I get to fish around these guys. It's just so special."

Christie kept it simple.

"I caught all of my fish swimming a Booyah jig," said Christie. "I stayed in one area and didn't move around much. I decided to fish as much as I could and not run around. Pretty basic fishing.

"I felt I lost this tournament. Sometimes you know you are going to win, not today. I was struggling today, then I caught a 4-pounder, then a 5-pounder, then a 6-pounder missed my jig. I just thought I lost it.

"I couldn't help but think about the 7-pounder I tried to swing in the boat yesterday. Today, every fish that was decent, I grabbed it. Fish I normally swing in the boat, I made sure to grab today."

Swindle mowed the lawn

"I left it all out there today," said Swindle. "There is no grass left in Shoal Creek because I mowed it all down this week.

"I decided to just go to an area and stay there this tournament. I didn't have a good pre-fish. My first day I caught the fish in the grass. Then I caught some fish away from the grass. That was the way I ended up catching most of them. I fished 30 or maybe 40 yards in front of the grass. I caught most of the fish on a small Chatterbait with a Zoom Big Salty Chunk on it. I caught some on a spinnerbait and some on a Booyah jig, too.

"Today, with 50 minutes left, I started catching them. When it goes your way, it goes your way. I haven't felt like that all year until today. For some reason, Arkansas has been good to me."

Not Hackney's day

"It didn't go like I wanted it to today," said Hackney. "The area I was fishing didn't replenish like some other areas. I never caught any really big fish, but I had a really large average fish. Those fish eluded me today.

"I had the area I've been fishing pretty much to myself all week. I'd fish a ½-ounce Strike King Structure jig on the rocks and a ½-ounce Strike King flipping jig fishing matted grass."