Ike Rules Delaware River Bassmaster Elite

Ike Wins Delaware River Elite by Ike Wins Delaware River Elite...

Here is the biggest non-shocker of the 2014 Bassmaster Elite Series season: Rapala pro Mike "Ike" Iaconelli won the Elite Series event on the Delaware River today out of Philadelphia, PA.

Ike BPS aWhy is it so non-shocking? Well, Iaconelli grew up fishing the river. Sure, the old "home water" advantage usually bites anglers, but if you've ever fished an urban river system with limited numbers of bass, then you would know that concept holds very little water. Add to that the massive daily tidal swings, sometimes 6-feet plus, and you have a recipe for a local to kick some major hinder.

Iaconelli didn't let his Philadelphia brethren down. In true champion fashion, he never gave up, and took down the competition. Iaconelli's final day weight of 10 pounds, 14 ounces helped to seal the deal for him with a four-day total of (47-14).

In second was Mercury pro Chris Lane with (39-14).

Rounding out the Top 5 are in third Falcon Rods pro Jason Christie with (39-1). Fourth went to Lew's pro Kevin Short with (39-0). Fifth was captured by pro Shaw Grigsby (36-15).

Tides everything for Iaconelli

"Having spots to fish during all of the tidal stages was key for me," said Iaconelli. "I fished about a 10-mile stretch that had 60 or so spots. I would go and fish the location and move on if nothing was happening. I was not wasting time.

"An important spot for me today was a pretty well-known sunken barge in Timber Creek. The Timber Creek barge. It is an incoming tide spot. I'd flip into the holes inside the barge. I call it a 30 percent spot. You generally catch about 30 percent of the fish you hook. This week, I landed every fish I caught in there.

"I was fishing lots of cover this week. Shopping carts, drains, barrels. Philly cover."

A handful of presentations were key for Ike
"I stuck with some real basic presentations this week," said Iaconelli. "I used four, but the two primary baits were a one half ounce Missile jig, that John Crews at Missile Baits is developing. I had a Chigger Craw chunk on that. Basically a crawfish impersonator. I also flipped a Havoc Pit Boss. The other baits I caught some fish on were a shaky head and finesse worm and a chatterbait style lure."

Emotions high for Iaconelli

"This is unbelievable, very emotional for me," said Iaconelli. "To win where I learned to fish, with my wife and family here, it is so special. My Uncle and my Grandfather taught me to fish here. I fished in the Schuylkill River area today, that's where they taught me to fish.

"This is amazing. This one is for the fans here. For the people who fish here. This is Philadelphia's victory."