Kids Fishing Equipment - Fishing Tip

The big fishing tackle us adults use can be difficult for kids to use. Ultralight fishing rod and reel combo for kids, push button or spin casting are ideal and much more durable than those cute little cheap combos.
These downsized rigs are easy for small kids to hold and are relatively tangle free. Best of all, they make even a small sunfish feel like a whopper. Starting a child right means using decent, functional tackle. Anything less performs poorly and invites discouragement. Find an ultralight fishing combo with a soft tip which means easy casting and a reel that handles 4-pound test fishing line well and has a smooth drag. The price is usually around $30 which isn’t too bad either. Most important from the youngster's view is that it works, it fits, and it’s fun. Now go find a place where they can catch a mess of perch or bullhead catfish and you’ll have a kid hooked on fishing

by Jimmy Houston