Switch to Jigs to Catch More Panfish

News & Tips: Switch to Jigs to Catch More Panfish

Worms, crickets and other live bait will nearly always catch panfish, but if you want to catch more panfish, switch to jigs. Bug-like jigs rate as outstanding imitations and tiny is better than big when it comes to picking the most effective jigs.

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Jigs are the bread and butter of any panfish anglers bait box.

Mini jigs can be more easily fished at the sluggish pace that sunfish prefer. These feather weight jigs snag less and can tempt fish that may not be hungry enough to bite big bait. Also, certain enticing retrieves are possible with tiny offerings that can’t be duplicated with larger ones.

When panfish get picky, matching their diet with a jig imitation can definitely bring more action. Also remember that they may smell the jig before deciding to eat, so a panfish attractor scent, or tipping it with a maggot or worm piece, could help.

Panfish love bugs. Fishing with jigs that mimic these tiny creatures will help you pull in piles of panfish.

by Jimmy Houston host of "Jimmy Houston Outdoors" TV Show