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Summer Bluegills in The North

June 17, 2020
Summer brings long days and ample opportunity to fish 7 days a week, and one of the most popular species in the upper Midwest is bluegill. They are not tough to find and catch in numbers, but the big…
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The Best 6 Live Fishing Baits for Beginning Anglers

April 1, 2019
What Are the Best Live Baits for New Fisherman to Use? When starting out as a new angler of any age, there are two important things to remember. First, you want their fishing gear and the fishing…
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6 Revealing Tips to Fish the Best Bass Lake in Texas

March 7, 2019
Best Places to Fish in Texas: Sam Rayburn Reservoir Located in the heart of East Texas, Sam Rayburn Reservoir is considered one of the best and healthiest fisheries in the state. This huge, fertile…
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The Perfect Spring Fishing Trio: From a Kayak, To Docks, For Crappie (video)

May 14, 2018
Crappies are called “America’s favorite panfish” for a number of reasons. They are willing biters, fun to catch and taste great in the pan. The only tricky part—usually—is finding where to fish them…
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Why You Should Target Shallow Bream for Largemouth Fishing

August 19, 2016
In the heat of summer during those sweltering days, conventional wisdom tells anglers to pull off the bank and head to deeper water.  According to Bassmaster Elite Pro Andy Montgomery, anglers are…
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Fishing for Wintertime Slabs

December 16, 2015
Don’t wait until spring to go crappie fishing. Great fishing is out there right now! In winter, the structure with the most potential will be relatively deep, depending on the location of the…
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4 Hot Weather Fishing Tips

August 7, 2015
When fishing slows on your local lake because of hot weather, use these tatics to improve your chances of catching more fish: 1. Fish the Current Head to the local smallmouth river and turn over…
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3 Tips for Catching More Bluegill

May 29, 2015
Worms, crickets, and other live bait will always catch bluegill, but if you want to catch more bluegill, switch to jigs. Bug-like jigs are great lure imitations, and tiny is better than big. Tiny…
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The 5 Best Lures for Big Bluegills

May 9, 2015
For pure fishing fun, it’s hard to top scrappy bluegills. At a young age, many of us discovered the thrill of having them pull our bobber into the depths.  More experienced anglers may begin to curse…
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How to Find River Crappie

May 8, 2015
Finding crappie in rivers can be a whole lot easier if you remember that crappie rarely challenge the main flow of a river. They prefer to use eddies, slack water, and cover that breaks the current.…
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3 Jig Details that Catch More Spring Crappie

May 1, 2015
Crappie can be choosy. While springtime often yields good action, it pays to have a stocked jig box so you can make adjustments on the water. Crappie jigs with these 3 features should always have a…
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Jerk Fishing for Crappie

March 4, 2015
Want to try something a little different when crappie fishing this spring? Try jerking for them. Jerking is a technique that’s been used in some parts of the country for quite a few years but is just…