Fishing Bait Tip for Winter Crappie Points

News & Tips: Fishing Bait Tip for Winter Crappie Points...

The challenge of bass fishing in the winter months can be made easier with bait tips from Jimmy Houston, host of Jimmy Houston Outdoors.

Winter crappie often hold on points sloping toward bottom channels. Among the best lures for fishing these areas are small, deep diving, baitfish-imitating crankbaits.

It’s difficult to keep crankbaits at favored depths and still move them slow enough to entice lethargic crappie. Using a neutral buoyancy or sinking crankbait eliminates these problems.

Use light line, 4 to 6 pound test, crank the lure down to the proper depth and then slowly crawl it across the bottom, retrieving the lure from shallow water to deep, or working across the point toward the deepest side.

Crank your lure hard and fast for several turns to get it near the bottom before slowing to an effective pace. If possible, bump the lure against stumps, logs, boulders, etc., to elicit strikes.

by Jimmy Houston host of "Jimmy Houston Outdoors" TV Show