Quality Deer the Buck to Doe Ratio - Hunting Tip

How many deer are in an your hunting area?

In areas where the buck-to doe ratio is around 1 to 1, it makes hunting a lot easier as the season progresses. Where there is competition for does, bucks are easier to lure by using deer hunting calls and deer hunting scents and attractants as the rut approaches.

Most areas do not have that perfect 1 to 1 ratio though, but the closer you can get to that, the higher your odds.

Focus on finding a couple of different bucks. Use Quality Deer Management in the areas you hunt.

I find what I will consider my trophy for that year, and then find either a mature buck with poor genetics, or a younger deer that I feel does not have trophy potential and watch them closely.

The best thing about not focusing on one particular deer is the fact your opportunity for harvesting a good buck will improve. After a few years of using this selective harvest technique, you will be able to see the quality of the deer in your area increase.

by Jimmy Houston host of "Jimmy Houston Outdoors" TV Show