Reel Drag - Fishing Tip

Most people think the drag on a spinning reel should be set according to the size of the fish being caught. Actually, drags
should be set to match the line test being used.

More good fish are lost to drags set too tight than to any other single angling error. The next time you go after strong fish like big largemouths or powerful bonefish, set the drag light, not tight. When the fish starts to run, let him go. As soon as he slows or stops, touch the rim of the spool with your forefinger and power the fish in as fast as you can regain line. When the fish wants to take off again, just let him go. When he tires again, put it to him. Keep doing this until the fish tires.

Your finger makes the best possible drag because it is instantly adjustable and always keeps you in complete control.

Good fishing to ya!
by Jimmy Houston